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Über uns

About us

As managing directors of Goldkorn GmbH & Co. KG, we love responding to a challenge; that’s our idea of quality of life.

First and foremost, we see ourselves as service providers for our customers – “service” being the key word!
We work as closely with you as you wish. Creativity and comprehensive planning are at the basis of Goldkorn’s successful corporate strategy. And its corporate philosophy is founded on satisfied customers and employees.
Preparation down to the smallest detail, methodical concepts, comprehensive know-how and cutting-edge facilities are one pillar of our success.
But equally important is our competent team of employees – they add the all-important, crowning touch for customer satisfaction, business success and image.

Training, strategic promotion, team-building measures and enjoyment at work are top priorities at Goldkorn.
And we managing directors are a part of the team, always up front and prepared to roll up our sleeves whatever the task – because there’s no better way to succeed than by keeping in contact with both your customers and your people! That means that we get a realistic view of how things function, while at the same time getting insight into new trends that we can then rapidly take on board.